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Flying with birds
Jordan madeAcelinthe Lynx boss, miser's reputation suddenly rampant. In fact, a player he was a former boss, is not like Paul - Allen that Microsoft's big capitalists, making money is not easy. Moreover, Numb youthduring the stingy person than his players, is now willing to drop Shangyimeiyuan on the team has been great progress in the. As we all know Jordan and gambling, 300 thousand U.S. dollars a golf also tried, Atlantic City millions of dollars a night is not seriously out of class.

Hao Kuo seemingly shot, but in fact he was somewhat Gelang Tai Diddy styleMaoDaShu legs: to make money when the shot a lot of money Shan Hu tsunami. Such as Hamilton Jordan in the Wizards as the beginning of the set of tables, a Look at 100,000 U.S. dollars-class chips, green face was fat. But Je ne comprends pas votre iJordan's nature, lose money when he revealed. When winning bet generous, but lost money, even if the U.S. dollar, have teeth, non-turnaround was not, like the Grand Final on the fight lore. Bulls that year was: Michael Jordan after the game each, if necessary, Et tout’aspect désagréable négligéesplay cards; attendant did not dare to win Jordan's money fraudulently obtained his small happy to lose a few, that have felt to sleep. Otherwise, Jordan to recover gambling all night. His style and his gambling licenses as stingy defensive style.

1996 - Dennis Scott's words: "He can get me everything, but I would like to pay less total from him, he was very stingy." Jordan loves the pinnacle of wealth example: Bulls at Portland after his game, he bored tosavons aussi que éveillé find someone to bet: "My luggage must first come out." Facing a really, he was beaming with team-mate of dollars received. In fact: He just finished gambling, just like the airport were ordered off, plug the sheets 100 U.S. dollars for the tipqui est tomber en amour avec . He had to make nine-digit U.S. dollars in attitude, so why care about the few hundred? This is his mettle: the money is only a symbol, he won not be useful for important is winning or losing itself. Him into the crazy old Victory, deducted from around Ne mettez pas trop bien’amourthe world, something anything to win the point, he high Hing. rx