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"Glasses clan" your prescription glasses fit? 1
Eyes are the Windows of the lunette ray ban soul, but due to various reasons many people's "the window" is no longer so spotless, myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism and aging, make them such vision problems to give this window mount glass - wear glasses. Eye experts say, matching glasses also have a lot of knowledge, if match a pair of inappropriate glasses, not only has wasted, still can damage the vision.

The expert points out, the right to match a pair of glasses, first to understand your ision loss of reason, especially for the first time, only glasses certainty is correct refractive lunettes ray ban error rather than diseases caused by the glasses eyesight problem just have the necessary. In addition, should choose to have seniority configuration glasses, experienced an optometrist online, processing to choose popularity higher enterprise. Finally, also according to their visual content habit please eye doctor targeted school together. Looks simple, actually glasses also have a lot of knowledge.

Correct refractive error

Accurate it's very important

Expert introduction, for glasses and inappropriate caused headaches and other unpleasant symptoms phenomenon occurs frequently, and a try just wear glasses, just make the correct refractive error method of who ray ban sunglasses see clearly, but not other aspects of examination of visual function, such as visual function, fusion eyes single function, three-dimensional visual function etc, prone to it's accurate. If the degree, the adjustment of the eye high load increases, will appear vision fatigue, eye pain, have a headache wait for a symptom and accelerate the development of myopic degree. Especially teenagers eyeball plasticity is big, myopia quicker, and even cause the development outcomes, amblyopia strabismus.

The expert reminds: teenagers ray ban prix , clearly is specialized on it's must be true myopia or pseudo myopia. Generally the children under the age of 12, because eyes adjust ability is strong, adjusting unstable, must take adjust completely paralysis, can accurate online, draws accurate readings, this is usually said mydriatic online. Online, stay after dilated pupils recovery, but also to the original degree the ray ban homme adjustment. This process is longer, may influence of reading and writing, so advise on vacation. If it's determined after JieZhuangJi over adjust for eye to eye fatigue (namely falseness short sightedness), then can be restored through proper treatment, without the need to wear glasses.

In addition, teenagers with low initial glasses should be selected by advisable, namely, the minimum can achieve better eyesight several glasses refractive, need not sufficient pose.


Be careful invisible injury

Expert introduction, now, people lunette ray ban homme can casually in the optician's and online to buy all kinds of contact lenses. Colored contact lenses can also change the eyes of color, called "beauty" glasses. But invisible glasses is a vision correction of medical supplies, blind abuse can damage eyes. In addition, the eye also want to breathe, 80 percent of the oxygen is through the cornea obtain from the air, and long wear contacts may affect the breathing cornea, and may cause corneal edema, corneal vessles reaction and allergic reaction, etc.

The expert reminds: wear contacts ray ban pas cher former must do ophthalmologic examination, clear eye disease, such as whether dry eyes, conjunctivitis, keratitis, etc, and then determine whether suitable for glasses. Wear contact lenses, if appear in the process of dry eyes aglow, pain, fear of light, declining eyesight to timely checked to the hospital.

Swimming, after -- can't wear contact lenses, menstrual period female, pregnant women had better not wear contact lenses. If you must wear contact lenses, besides attention clean lunette ray ban pas cher every day, when morpheus take down outside, want to reduce wear screen time.

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