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Blue Octobar-Quiet mind.

A slow strengle with feet on the floor
I`v got 14angels and we`re sleeping alone
In a back of a cave,when a rest of us go
To feel normal
I call baby up,leave me alone
I`m in pain,but won`t let you band-aid the wound
I`m mad at a stage where i can`t even handle my own
Give me a quiet mind and I
I love you
Give a quiet mind and I love yoy
until the end
Give me a strenght to be kind... . to combine
All the good things in life that were so hard to find
But I have and i won`t let them go like I do with my friends
Still bearing voises from front...from behind
They`re reasons I choose...When to live...How to die
When to cast,when to real
When to buy,when to steal
When to find for the friends that taught me
Being inappropriate will
Give me a quiet mind and I love you
Give me a quiet mind and i...
untill the end
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