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"tirkiz" kaže...

Maybe I could be one they adore
That could be my reputation
It`s where I from that let`s them think I`m a whore
I`m an educated virgine

Sleepwalker don`t be shy
Now don`t open your eyes tonight
You`ll be the one that defence my life
While I`m dead asleep dreamen`

Cupid don`t draw back your bow
Sam Cooke didn`t know what I know
I`ll never be your valentine
The sleep walker in me
And God only know that I`ve tried

Let me in,let me drawn or learn how to swim
Just don`t live me at the window
I could be the one to be your best friend
You may need someone to hold you

Sleepwalker,take this knife
You may see someone tonight
You`d be the one that saves my life
When I`m dead asllep dreamin`

I`m in your movie and everyone looks said
But I can hear you,your voice,your laughtrack
But you never saw my best scene
The one where I sleep
Sleepwalk into your dreams

Now sleep walker,what`s my line
It`s only the matters of time
Until I learn to open up my eyes
When I`m dead asleep dreamin`

Now the Sleepwalker in me
And God only know that I `ve tried.

Ako neko nije naucio,ima vremena do sutra,moja omiljena(the best lyrics)...Sleepwalker...tribute to Kiztir... :D
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