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....Narcotic lips....

So you face it with a smile
There is no need to cry
For a trifle`s more than this

Will you still recall mu name
And the month it all began
Will you relase me with a kiss

Have I tried to drawe the veil
If I have-how could I fail?
Did I fear the consquense

....dazed by carelles words
Cosy in my mind

chours:I don`t mind
I think so
I wiil let you go

Now you shaped that liqid wax
Fit it out with crater cracs
Sweet devotion-My delight

Oh,you`re such a pretty one
And the naked thrills of flesh and skin
Would tease me trough the night
"Now,I hate to leave you beare
If you need me,I`ll be there
Don`t you ever let me down"

.....dazed by careless words
Cosy in my mind

And I touch your face
Narcotik mind from lazed-Mary -Jane
And I called your name
Like an addicted to cocaine call`s for the staff`he`d rather blame

And...I touch your face
Narcotik mind from lazed-Mary-jane
And I call your name
My cocaine....


Drazesni mladi pesnici u "pokusaju da to budete"nakon mojih stihova,valjda znamo ko je avangarni-poet no.1ovde,stoga vas molim da vise ne citam pesme koje voli raja... 8)
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