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hi, this is May from China, did you still remember me? Yobolele
Yes of course
Recording voicemail to May Ran at 7:22 AM on Friday
i want to ask about the aibrush kit..... Yobolele
Ok go May
why did you refused to pruchase it?
sorry for my impolite
To much money for post service\
Too much
but as you know you country is far from our company, and i had reduct the freight for you....
hope you can understand..
Yes I know, but I found something same in Germany where I have a friend and he shell take that for me May
alos the Golden Phoenix brand? Yobolele
I really forgot the name at this moment May
i can say frankly, our product--golden phoenix is the best in the world Yobolele
I belive to you, why you not have some partners here May
this kind of business is a new one
little people know it
so, i hope you can help us
Voicemail ended with May Ran at 7:32 AM on Friday
we support you sales our products in your country
we give you a best price
I have not a registered company and not have a lot of money to do it May
i have no ideal
it is a pity lost the opportunity to cooperation with you
If you want to come and make bussines in Serbia like many of your compatriots I can help you, just call May
but i think it is impossible to you country, sorry
Ok, nice to meet you May
nice to meet you too
Sent at 7:41 AM on Friday
see you, anyway, thanks
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